Peer Support Specialist Programme

The Peer Support Specialist Programme was launched in 2016 by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), with strong support from the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and mental health organisations.  It is Singapore’s first national training programme to prepare individuals for the role of becoming Peer Support Specialists.  The formal and structured training equips persons with mental health conditions with peer support skills so as to allow them to leverage on their lived experience to support others on their recovery journeys.  
There are two training modules in the Peer Support Specialist Programme for persons in recovery. 
1. Preparatory Training for Potential Peer Support Specialist
30 & 31 Jan 2020

This module prepares participants for a successful learning experience in relation to the “Certificate in Peer Support” course. It also provides an awareness and introduction to the role of a Peer Support Specialist, and the significance of sharing their lived experiences in peer support work.

 To register:
  1. Fill up the online form via link here, and
  2. Submit Annexes A & B via snail mail or in person by 01 Nov 2019 to SSI, addressed to Ms Sabrina Rapi. Download Annexes A & B here.
2. Certificate in Peer Support
3 Feb - 15 Apr 2020
This module equips learners with the necessary competencies so that they can perform the role of a Peer Support Specialist. The training comprises 80 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of supervised practicum at a social service agency or healthcare organisation.  Learners who fulfil all requirements for this module and are assessed to be competent will receive the “Certificate in Peer Support”.

*Please note that this module does not guarantee that learners will secure a job upon completion of the training.
To register, please fill up application form here and submit the completed application form via snail mail or in person by 01 Nov 2019 to SSI and address the application to Ms Sabrina Rapi. Applicants who have been shortlisted for an interview (02-04 Dec 2019) will receive a notification via email.