Volunteer Programmes

To support the volunteers in their journey, SSI offers programmes to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to work effectively with the persons with different needs and abilities. Training is important for the development, motivation and retention of volunteers. Well-trained volunteers have a deeper understanding of the programme, their roles and, thus, improving the quality and consistency of their volunteer services. With the diversity of volunteers and the variety of roles and activities they undertake, training provides them with the broad range of skills needed to be competent and confident.

Volunteer Courses (E-Learning)
To equip time-starved volunteers who find it a challenge to commit their time for training, SSI is leveraging technology to develop 12 E-learning courses. Volunteers can get access to the e-learning materials anytime, anywhere and at their convenience, before their volunteering activity takes place. They can learn at their own pace and the training establishes a minimum level of proficiency in the volunteers. These courses are also available on mobile devices.

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Working Effectively with Youths (E-Learning)

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Befriending Seniors (E-Learning)

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Overview to Disabilities (E-Learning)
Understanding Persons with Developmental Disabilities (E-Learning)
Understanding Persons with Physical Disabilities (E-Learning)
Understanding Persons with Sensory Disabilities (E-Learning)
Understanding Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (E-Learning)
Aging Process
Preparatory Caregiver Training Programme: Understanding Caregiving
Preparatory Caregiver Training Programme: Know the Care Recipient
Preparatory Caregiver Training Programme: Communication in Caregiving
Preparatory Caregiver Training Programme: Caregiver Stress and Management
With effective volunteer management practices and adequate training, regular volunteers can make substantial contributions to the social service sector. NCSS developed the Volunteer Management Playbook (Service-Based Volunteerism), to support member Social Service Agencies in the systematic absorption and retention of volunteers to complement paid positions in service delivery. It is meant to be step-by-step guide for you to implement service-based volunteerism in your organisation, from identification of volunteer roles, to volunteer recruitment, and volunteer training and management.
Volunteer Management Playbook
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Volunteer Courses (Classroom-based)

For those who wish to be equipped with more skills-based training, and to engage with other volunteers in discussions and application of ideas, SSI offers courses onsite as well. Please click on the blue button below to view the upcoming courses. Organisations can also arrange for an exclusive session with a minimum of 15 pax.
Volunteer Manager Courses
Apart from volunteer development programmes, SSI also offers programmes to equip Volunteer Managers with the necessary skills and insights on working with the volunteers. Volunteer Managers can access the user-friendly, step-by-step Volunteer Management Toolkit developed in collaboration with the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC). Through up-skilling of the volunteers, SSI aims to improve the sector’s productivity and provide sustainable manpower solutions to boost the capabilities of our Social Service Agencies.

SG Cares logo

SG Cares is a national movement dedicated to support the goodwill of Singaporeans and guide them to better help those in need. Together, we can all play a part, big and small, to make Singapore a more caring and compassionate home for all. SG Cares hopes to find a way to harness the immense goodwill of Singaporeans and to do more for individuals and their families that need help.

Under the umbrella of SG Cares, companies, Social Service Agencies, schools and grassroots organisations, come together to design ways in which they can contribute to caring, and sustain their contributions so as to make lasting changes in the lives of others, and causes that they believe in. SG Cares will also call on all Singaporeans to live the values of caring and kindness, and take the initiative to help others around us.

With these e-learning resources, apply what you have learnt by volunteering regularly!
Watch the video to be inspired by how some organisations such as POSB and MOM embarked on longer term regular partnerships with Social Service Agencies. The volunteers go down regularly to engage with the service users, over a longer period of time. This supports the social service organisations in delivering quality service and improving outcomes for service users.
Watch the video: https://vimeo.com/249634409

Corporate Volunteer Partnerships

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