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Please note:

As part of the Education Innovation 2020 initiative, SSI will leverage on technology to enrich the learning experience. This includes equipping classrooms with smart-technology facilities and adopting innovative teaching pedagogies with the use of online platforms. SSI will be progressively converting our courses into blended learning to incorporate an online component with quizzes and supplementary reading materials before the classroom session. 
  • Learners will receive online access to courseware instead of printed materials
  • Learners will complete an online course evaluation
  • Learners will receive an e-certificate after attending SSI course
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There will be a scheduled downtime for both the Enhanced Singpass and CorpPass at the following dates/times:
Sunday 17-11-2017 21:00 to Sunday 18-11-2017 06:00
Please note that during this period, the e-Services are not available. 


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