Certificate in Peer Support

Overview of the Peer Support Specialist Programme
The Peer Support Specialist Programme was launched in 2016 by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), with strong support from the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and other mental health agencies.  It is Singapore’s first national training programme to prepare individuals to uptake the role of a Peer Support Specialist.  The formal and structured training equips persons with mental health conditions with peer support skills so as to allow them to leverage their lived experience in supporting others on their recovery journeys.  
Overview of the Certificate in Peer Support 
This module equips the learners with the necessary competencies so that they can perform the role of a Peer Support Specialist. This training comprises 80 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of supervised practicum at a social service agency or healthcare organisation.  Learners who fulfil all requirements for this module and are assessed to be competent will receive a “Certificate in Peer Support”.
Learning Outcomes
This module aims to build competencies in peer support work to enhance the job-readiness of persons with mental health conditions in performing the role of a Peer Support Specialist. Through this module, learners will be able to:
  1. Apply recovery and resilience principles to support fellow peers.
  2. Demonstrate peer support principles when undertaking the role as a peer support specialist.
  3. Relate the purpose of recovery and resilience documentation to peer support practice. 
  4. Share a recovery/resilience story.
  5. Apply the practice of peer support and resilient conversation in culturally diverse situations.
  6. Apply ethical standards to peer support scenarios.
  7. Prepare a primary self-healthcare survey.
  8. Facilitate a resilient conversation with peers facing challenging situations.
  9. Practice trauma informed care with peers.
  10. Practice peer support with peers facing addiction challenges.
  11. Be more prepared to undertake a career as a Peer Support Specialist.
Target Audience
The target audience for this programme is a potential learner who:
  1. Is keen to build their competencies to perform the role of a Peer Support Specialist.
  2. Is at least 21 years old.
  3. Is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.
  4. Has a diagnosed mental health condition that is now stabilised.
  5. Is willing to share his/her own lived experiences to support others with their recovery.
  6. Self-identifies as a present or former recipient of mental health services.
It is preferred that the learner has completed the ‘Preparatory Training for Potential Peer Support Specialist’ by SSI which is the first module in the Peer Support Specialist Programme.
The skills and knowledge for this course, which the learner is assumed to possess, are as follows:
  • An equivalent of 3 GCE ‘O’ level credits, including English.
  • Be able to listen, speak, read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualifications (ES WSQ) Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 5.
  • Be able to use numeracy skills at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualifications (ES WSQ) Workplace Numeracy (WPN) Level 5.

Classroom Training:
03-14 Feb 2020 (10 days)
Monday-Friday, 9.30am-6.00pm

Practicum Training:
17 Feb 2020 (1 day)
Friday, 9.30-6.00pm

Practicum (to be allocated upon successful enrolment and completion of classroom training):
18 Feb – 13 Apr 2020

Practicum Supervision Sessions:
04, 18 March 2020, 01, 15 April 2020
9.00am-1.00pm (TBC)

29 May 2020, Friday (TBC)
Registration: Click here to download the application form.

Assessment Requirements
Learners will be assessed through a Mid-term written assessment and a Practical assessment. 
Practicum Requirements
Learners are required to undergo 100 hours of practicum and assessment after completion of the classroom training. 

  1. Please note that this module does not guarantee that learners will secure a job upon completion of the training.
  2. The term “Peer Support Specialist” refers to persons with mental health conditions who are trained and employed to perform peer support work by using their lived experiences of recovery within a mental health setting. The actual job title of a person within this job function may vary depending on the organisation that employs them.