CET Programmes

Besides continuing education and training courses, the Social Service Institute offers a host of programmes that will lead to the awarding of qualifications such as bachelor degrees, diplomas and certificates. Through these programmes, we provide you with formal higher learning opportunities in key areas from leading universities and tertiary institutions. With courses such as the Bachelor of Education (Special Education), WSQ Advanced Certificate in Social Service and WSQ Diploma in Social Service, we equip social service sector practitioners, new entrants and mid-career switchers with the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the social service sector.

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Bachelor of Education
(Special Education)
  Diploma of
Community Services
  WSQ Diploma in
Social Service
WSQ Advanced Certificate
in Social Service
  Advanced Certificate in
Supported Employment (ACSE)
  Certificate in Education
Studies (Special Education)
Certificate in
  Certificate in
Peer Support
  NSWCF Foundational