Knowledge and experience are the key to growth

Imra, Senior Social Worker with the Singapore Cancer Society believes that knowledge and experience are key to being a well-rounded social service professional. With the Sun Ray scheme, she found opportunities to deepen her expertise and gain more exposure to diverse client groups.

Imra Binte Mohamed Noor
Senior Social Worker
Singapore Cancer Society

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Learn to embrace simplicity

Gabriel is a Senior Occupational Therapist who aspires to help persons with disabilities maximise their potential. He leads a dedicated team of social service professionals who assess the needs of persons with disabilities and come up with solutions on how they can be assisted more effectively.

Gabriel Kwek
Assistant Manager / Senior Occupational Therapist
Community Integration Service

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Down but never out

“If you lose a game, it doesn’t mean that you’re bound to strike out forever. The same principle in sports applies to life – people who are experiencing a low point at a certain moment of time are fully capable of rising again and taking control of their lives.”

- Khairul Hilmi
Programme Executive AWWA Family Service Centre
Entered the social service sector as a fresh graduate

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Perseverance is key

“I never ever give up; I never know who I can help if I don’t push on.”

- Revathi Thangavel
Social Worker Care Corner Family Service Centre (Admiralty)
In-service professional

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Tackling new challenges every day

“I found the prospect of taking up a varied portfolio, helping various vulnerable communities and dealing with multi-faceted social issues highly appealing. It’s definitely a challenge that I look forward to tackling every day.”

- Malcolm Wong
Deputy Director of Special Projects Rainbow Centre
Entered the social service sector during a mid-career switch

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Contributing to a meaningful cause

“I find satisfaction in knowing that what I have done has helped a person live a happier and more dignified life.”

- Vasudaven Govindasamy Director of Special Projects and Programme Development
Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities
Entered the social service sector as a mid-career entrant

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Making a difference in society

“Everyone deserves to lead a dignified life. It is a right for all, not just for people who can afford it.”

- Eugenia Tan
Speech-Language Therapist
AWWA Community Integration Service
In-service professional

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Igniting a passion for social services

“The conversations I had with leaders of Singapore’s social service organisations ignited a fire within me. I can practise speech therapy anywhere in the world, but I want to give back to Singapore, my home country, in my own small way.”

- Dawn Wee
Senior Speech Therapist
Entered the social service sector as a mid-career entrant

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A leading light for others

“I’m grateful to my teachers and mentors who have made a difference in my life. They’ve inspired me to embark on a career that is purposeful and brings about a positive change to people’s lives. I hope to be the light that shines on others and give them hope. This is why I joined the social service sector.”

- Yvonne Ang
TOUCH Youth Counselling Unit
In-service professional

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