Who can join Sun Ray?

Sun Ray is open to fresh graduates and mid-career professionals (entrants, returnees and in-service professionals) who are considering a career with the social service sector. Successful candidates will be employed by NCSS to begin a rewarding career in a dynamic industry. 
What is the selection process for Sun Ray? 

To ensure that individuals applying for the scheme have the right attitude and aptitude for the sector, candidates will undergo a rigorous selection and evaluation process by a panel of senior leaders from NCSS, MSF and the sector. Besides skills and capabilities, reference checks and past leadership experience will also be taken into consideration.
Can Sun Ray candidates choose which organisation they are to be posted to?

Individuals on Sun Ray will be assigned a Talent Manager who will work closely with them to discuss their posting based on their interests, professional and career development.
Are candidates on Sun Ray bonded? Can they quit the scheme?

Sun Ray is a career scheme and not a training sponsorship scheme, hence it does not entail a bond for the employment..  One has to resign from the employer, NCSS, if one decides to terminate the employment.

Social Service Organisations (SSOrgs)

If in-service personnel from a Social Service Organisation wants to come on-board the scheme, do they have to quit their job at their Social Service Organisation? 

For staff who are found suitable for the scheme, they will need to resign from the social service organisation to join the scheme. They will be employed by NCSS and follow our terms of service.  NCSS will work with the social service organisation on the transition arrangement. 
Prior to interviewing potential candidates, do I follow my agency’s HR practices and request the candidates to complete application form and bring along their payslip? 

Since NCSS is the employer of the Sun Ray staff, candidates are not required to complete any application form and present his/her payslip to the agency. The agency shall liaise directly with NCSS for basic information required by the agency for the purpose of conducting the interview.
Does Sun Ray staff follow NCSS or SSOrgs’ benefit and leave scheme? 

Sun Ray staff will follow NCSS’ benefits and leave scheme but follow the prevailing procedures for leave application in the agency he/she is deployed to.
How is appraisal done for Sun Ray staff? 

Sun Ray staff will follow NCSS’ performance appraisal cycle which will usually starts between January to February. Agency is encouraged to have mid-year review discussions with the Sun Ray staff to provide performance feedback and coaching. NCSS will notify Sun Ray staff and agency when the performance appraisal and mid-year review exercise commences.
Who provides funding for Sun Ray staff’s learning and development activities? 

The agency shall provide on-the-job and available in-house trainings for the Sun Ray staff to develop skills required for the job. Any cost incurred shall be borne solely by the agency.
For external training activities, upon NCSS’ approval, agencies will be reimbursed when we receive the necessary receipts or invoices when Sun Ray staff completes the training programme.
For any conference, study trip, event, or other forms of activity where the Sun Ray staff participates as a representative of the agency with official duties, any cost related to such activity shall be borne solely by the agency. The agency shall inform NCSS, and the Sun Ray staff shall follow the prevailing guidelines of the agency for reimbursement.
The agency is not allowed to sign any bond deed or agreement with the Sun Ray staff for the cost incurred from the activity in which he/she served as a representation for the agency.

Is there any transport claims for Sun Ray staff? 

NCSS shall bear the travelling expenses for Sun Ray staff when they are performing official duties or attending compulsory events at NCSS.
For all other travelling expenses incurred in the course of work at the agency, it should be reimbursed by the agency according to the agency’s prevailing guidelines for transport claims.