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Be a social service leader with Sun Ray

Do you possess strong leadership in leading people or organisation? Are you passionate about a cause and have rich volunteering experience? Then apply for the Sun Ray scheme and chart a rewarding career as a social service leader!


You can apply for the Sun Ray scheme if you are:
  • Considering a return to social services
  • Making a career switch
  • A fresh graduate or about to graduate

Benefits of being on Sun Ray 

Once you’ve successfully applied for the Sun Ray scheme, you’ll be assigned a Talent Manager who will support you in developing your leadership potential and advancing your career. Your Talent Manager will help you craft a career plan and work with you on your job postings across social service organisations and coordinate leadership training – all of which will, depending on your choice, further your career on the specialist leadership or executive leadership tracks.

Develop a holistic view of the sector through cross-sector postings 

To help you develop rich, cross-sector experience, you’ll be posted to different social service organisations and rotated across sub sectors.   

Benefit from flexible dual career tracks    

Depending on your future aspirations, you can choose to embark on the Professional or Organisational track. Each track offers enormous opportunities for you to advance your career with us. You’re not just limited to that one track once you’ve made your choice either. Under this scheme, you can choose to switch tracks at appropriate junctures of your career, as long as you meet the requirements of your desired position.

Experience Leadership Training and Development

You’ll undergo structured learning and development activities at specific stages of your career to enhance your leadership competencies. By going through milestone training programmes in areas such as leadership skills and social governance, you’ll acquire the necessary knowledge and skill sets to lead teams and organisations, and bring your career to greater heights. You’ll also be given the opportunity to spearhead or participate in sector projects. Such exposure will allow you to expand your macro perspective and accelerate your role readiness.

Be mentored by sector leaders

As part of your leadership development on Sun Ray, you’ll undergo mentorship programmes that will enable you to grow both professionally and personally. Sector leaders act as your mentor and offer a beacon of light during your journey in the social service sector.


Enjoy competitive salary packages and benefits

You’ll enjoy competitive remuneration, which takes into consideration your experience and competencies as well as service benefits. Performance-based incentives are also provided to reward outstanding performance and contribution.

Join us!

We invite dynamic individuals with leadership ability and drive to create social impact to apply for the following positions:
  • Head of Organisations
  • Head of Corporate Functions (Planning, Human Resource, Finance, Administration) and Services (Children/Youth/Family/Disability/Elderly)
  • Centre Manager
We are also recruiting for senior roles in the following professions:
  • Social Work
  • Occupational/ Physio/ Speech & Language Therapy
  • Special Education/ Early Childhood Intervention
  • Psychology

To apply, simply submit your application or email us your CV at [email protected].