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Pump up your research with facts and figures from books, journals, articles, encyclopaedias and more. A virtual library of information, our online research resources provide you with all the information you need to get your research off the ground. For more resource suggestions from the community, check out GatherHere, the new online community portal for the social service sector. 

1. PROQUEST E-journal Database
To build the social service sector's research capability and help you stay abreast with new sector research and developments, NCSS has specially provided all member social service organisations with access to the following ProQuest databases.
These databases contain an aggregated collections of important scholarly journals and periodicals:
  • Nursing & Allied Health Databases
  • Psychology Database
  • Public Health Database
  • Social Science Premium Collection
How to access?
For NCSS's Member Organisations:
To obtain the user ID and password to access ProQuest, please login to Member Organisation Corner.
 For guides on how to maximise the databases, check out Gatherhere

2. Local Service Sector Research Papers
Coming soon! Watch this space to search and share local research papers on the social service sector. 

3. Get published!
Working on a sector-level research project? Write to us through the enquiry form on the top right corner of this page. If your research is suitable, we will share it on Gatherhere, our online community knowledge portal.

4. National Library Board, Singapore
Sign up for a free account and gain access to the National Library Board’s eResources portal. Browse the library’s extensive eDatabases for useful articles and journals in humanities and social sciences from JSTOR, ProQuest social science journals, ProQuest psychology journals and more.

Additional Links to Other Research Sources
View statistics and information from key organisations and institutions in Singapore.  

1. Institute of Policy Studies
The Institute of Policy Studies seeks to cultivate clarity of thought, forward thinking and a big-picture perspective on issues of critical national interest through strategic deliberation and research. One of its core research areas, which is directly relevant to the social service sector, is Demography and Family.

2. National University of Singapore 
The Virtual Institute for the Study of Ageing supports and facilitates ageing research across a wide range of NUS faculties and research institutes.
A university-level institute, the Asia Research Institute focusses on and provides resources for research in humanities and social sciences in the Asian region. Launched by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the NUS, the Singapore Research Nexus is an academic resource covering a wide range of research on Singapore.

3. Lien Centre for Social Innovation
The Lien Centre actively supports the development of thought leadership in the social space landscape through centre-conducted research and calls for proposals. The organisation invites proposals that contribute to the understanding of critical social issues and potential means for their resolution.

Demographic, Economic and Social

4. Singapore Department of Statistics
The Publications page provides the latest editions of publications, papers and articles related to Population and Economy. Census 2010 is a comprehensive source of information on the population and households in Singapore, and provides benchmark data for all demographic, economic and social statistics.

5. Housing and Development Board 
The Sample Household Survey 2013 reported the demographic and socio-economic profile of residents and provided feedback on both physical and social aspects of HDB living.

6. People’s Association 
The People’s Association (PA) is a statutory board that promotes racial harmony and social cohesion in Singapore. For news, announcements and publications within PA, click here.


7. Ministry of Health 
View information and statistics on healthcare in Singapore, the operations of hospitals, as well as the monitoring of infectious diseases in Singapore.

8. Health Promotion Board
Access publications providing information on health and diseases in Singapore.

Other Related Links

9. National Youth Council
View key statistics on youth demographics and other relevant indicators. The National Youth Survey is a time-series study that focusses on major concerns related to the issues of schooling and working youths in Singapore.

10. National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre seeks to provide thought leadership through its research reports and publications on volunteerism and philanthropy.

11. National Council on Problem Gambling
The National Council on Problem Gambling organises the Problem Gambling Conference every two to three years. Local and overseas key experts are invited to share their insights on the latest trends, research and development in problem gambling.

12. Singapore Police Force
The Singapore Police Force Annual Report communicates both the Force’s achievements in the preceding financial year (FY) and its work plans for the new FY through its general reviews, feature articles and statistical reports.

13. Samaritans of Singapore 
Click here to view the latest national suicide statistics.


Introductory Research Guides 
  • Mark, R. 1996. Research made Simple: A handbook for social workers. California, CA: SAGE Publications.
  • Marlow, C. R. & Boone, S. 2001. Research Methods for Generalist Social Work (4th ed.). (Available on ProQuest database here)
  • Montery, CA: Thomson: Brooks/Cole. Brannen, J. 2003. Mixing Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Research. England, UK: Ashgate Publishing Limited.
  • Punch, K. F. 2005. Introduction to Social Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches (2nd ed.). London, UK: SAGE Publications. (Similar resource found on ProQuest here)