Volunteer Management

Volunteer Resource Optimisation

Volunteers are an integral part of social service. Not only do they enhance the welfare of the community, they help Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) achieve their mission of helping the less fortunate. That’s because volunteers contribute in more ways than one. 


But to fully harness the potential of volunteers, VWOs must have an effective volunteer management framework. With a volunteer management framework, your VWO can:


The  Volunteer Resource Optimisation (VRO) team at the Social Service Institute helps you improve your volunteer management practices so that you can better manage and deploy your volunteers.  

By matching the best volunteer management practices with the needs of your agency, we help you maximise the potential of your volunteers so that you can deliver higher standards of service to those in need.  

Watch a short video on job redesign and how to have a good volunteer management framework and better manage your volunteers today.

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