HR Management

With growing workforce demand in the social service sector, there is a rising need for sustainable human capital. Now, more than ever, Social Service Organisations (SSOs) must strengthen their capabilities in HR practices to foster, attract and retain talent in the industry.

The adoption of integrated and forward-looking HR practices helps to address growing manpower needs by ensuring that the workforce has the right number of people with the right skills, knowledge and attitude to deliver quality care to the beneficiaries.

At the Social Service Institute, we help you enhance your HR capabilities by identifying HR gaps and recommending and evaluating solutions. In doing so, we empower you to:
  • Attract talent through robust recruitment and selection practices;
  • Retain talent through a competitive compensation and benefits framework that aligns staff salaries to sector salary guidelines;
  • Develop talent through a comprehensive performance management and development framework; and
  • Deliver detailed career planning guidance to your staff, enabling them to better manage their future career paths