Get Involved in Our Work

We work with social service organisations, people who employ in the sector, students who study in related fields, and other partners to make sure our activities reflect their needs. 
Whether you are part of a large, medium or small social service organisation, or a person who is in human resource / care and support, there are opportunities where you can contribute to our on-going works by taking part in research.

Current opportunities to get involved:


Improving recruitment outcomes for the social service sector (on-going research)  

National Council for Social Service is looking to deepen its understanding on recruitment practices, the needs and career aspirations of different groups of job seekers in Singapore.  This will build on the development of organisations and further scale-up capability and capacity building of workforce to improve service delivery. 
We wish to work with employers across a range of services, job seekers, employees in human resources, care and support to understand the workforce challenges you are facing related to recruitment, along with the solutions you are finding.  We will do this by spending some time with you, talking to those leading and working in your service and sharing our thoughts with you.

Talent retention for the social service sector (New and in the process of research design)

The team looks to examine the factors that influence a person’s decisions to stay in the sector at different stages of their career.  The study will focus on identifying the factors that encourage the ‘right’ people to stay in the sector and the driving force to make employees particularly suitable for given occupations and services.  The study will further expand to the exploration of what influence a person to be attracted to the sector, be identified through selection processes, be hired into the sector, and be retained to the sector.


To discuss the opportunities, please contact:
Ms Grace Wong
Tel: 6589 5509
Email: [email protected]