Leadership Milestone Programme - Lead People


The Leadership Milestone Programme is a leadership development initiative led by NCSS to upscale leadership capabilities within the social service sector. The aims of this leadership programme are to professionalise the social service sector and build up the leadership capabilities of social service professionals to prepare them to take on leadership roles in their respective Social Service Agencies.

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Who Should Attend?

The Leadership Milestone Programme – Lead People is especially relevant for first-time managers and supervisors who are responsible for leading and motivating people, and have the potential to lead teams.

*Note: It is advisable for those who have attended the Leadership Milestone Programme - Lead Self to attend Leadership Milestone Programme - Lead People at least 3 years later.
Programme Structure

The Leadership Milestone Programme – Lead People is thoughtfully designed with pre and post activities, in addition to the 8-days training modules.


Pre-Programme Professionals will be assessed by ADEPT-15 and 360 degree feedback to identify current strengths and areas of developments so as to provide inputs to help professionals understand how their personalities can impact their effectiveness as a leader.
Training Modules Selected leadership development training modules in the area of personal effectiveness, team effectiveness, achievement of results as well as vision and values are delivered to develop the leadership competencies of the professionals
Action Learning Projects (ALPs) Action Learning Projects (ALPs) are designed for professionals to facilitate real-time, real-work opportunities to construct their learning in relation to their organisations' needs.
  • There will be an evaluation of the professionals' development growth through a 360-degree exercise upon the completion of the training modules, and to fine-tune and apply the leadership competencies in their work context.
  • Two one-to-one coaching sessions will be conducted to coach and guide the professionals in their development planning.

Learners will be required to undergo (i) self-assessment through Adept-15 personality assessment and (ii) performance assessment done through 360 degree feedback exercises. Learners’ Manager(s) and colleagues are strongly encouraged to participate in their 360 Degree Feedback Exercise to provide them targeted input for their development planning.
Learning Outcomes
Module 1:
Manage Self
  1. Outline a development plan from strengths and weaknesses identified
  2. Guide team members to identify strengths and weaknesses through feedback
  3. Apply tips to help the team develop resilience in stressful situations
  4. Demonstrate people leadership in leading teams
Module 2:
Manage Team Effectiveness
  1. Develop the characteristics of an effective team in own team
  2. Relate IBR approach to conflict management to resolve conflict at work
  3. Select influencing styles to get buy-in in work situations
  4. Develop delegation plans for team
  5. Demonstrate use of coaching model and techniques 
Module 3: 
Manage Achievement of Results
  1. Outline specific actions to improve client focus in your team
  2. Identify ways to strengthen networking at work
  3. Determine the approach to effective group decision making
Module 4: 
Manage Vision and Values
  1. Relate strategic agility skills to manage implementation of organisation’s strategy
  2. Outline ways to align team with organisational values
  3. Select strategies to foster innovation in your team
  4. Analyse the process of managing change to meet strategic objectives