Board Development

Board Development Board Development
The Develop Board Volunteers Initiative (DBVI) is the first-of-its kind in the non-profit sector for developing board members in the Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs). It is conceived by SSI to enable ongoing learning for non-profit board members to manage in the best interests of their stakeholders while using resources effectively.

The initiative provides a holistic learning roadmap for non-profit board members which integrates different learning methodologies from classroom to blended learning to suit varied learning preference at their own pace.
Board Development Pathway
PROFILE   New, aspiring board members

Aspiring, New and Semi-Experienced Board Members
  Experienced board members

Experienced Board Members
  Npn-Profit Organisations

Non-Profit Organisations
FORMAL   Governance 101   NonProfit Directors Programme   Board Sessions @
Social Service Organisations
  Board Members Network
  GatherHere for Board Members
  Learning-On-The-Go (LOTG)
CONFERENCE   Tote Board - SSI: Global Leader Series for Non-Profits (GLS)
Diagram: Recommended learning pathway for NPO board members.

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