Board Development


Board Development
The Develop Board Volunteers Initiative (DBVI) is the first-of-its kind in the non-profit sector for developing board members in the Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs). It is conceived by SSI to enable ongoing learning for non-profit board members to manage in the best interests of their stakeholders while using resources effectively.

The initiative provides a holistic learning roadmap for non-profit board members which integrates different learning methodologies from classroom to blended learning to suit varied learning preference at their own pace.
Board Development Pathway

Aspiring, New and Semi-Experienced Board Members

Experienced Board Members

Non-Profit Organisations
FORMAL   Governance 101   NonProfit Directors Programme   Board Sessions @
Social Service Organisations
  Board Members Network
  GatherHere for Board Members
  Learning-On-The-Go (LOTG)
CONFERENCE   Tote Board - SSI: Global Leader Series for Non-Profits (GLS)
Diagram: Recommended learning pathway for NPO board members.

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