SMART Learning Environment

What exactly makes them smart? No classroom can be smart without its learners. However, with new technologies that complement modern learning pedagogies, the learning experience can be much more interactive and productive.

Gadgets like an auto-tracking camera that senses and follows the trainer’s motion to record a lecture which can then be uploaded and shared for playback anytime and anywhere, or a ‘digital’ pen that captures, records and digitalises handwriting in real time, are just some of the ways that this disruptive wave of technology has taken the world by storm and is set to change the education scene for the better. Read more here.

Some of this new technology will be presented in the video below.
SMART classroom
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Now that you’ve got a sense of what a SMART classroom is all about, we at SSI hope that we can leverage the best of this technological know-how and gadgetry to transform talent-building in the social service sector. The social service sector is still such unchartered territory, young and with so much promise. Learning and development are key in harnessing this latent potential. In order to deliver an enriching educational experience for both the adult educators and learners, we need to tap on technology to go beyond space-time and other human limitations. So join us, as we embrace a future with exciting developments in store!

SSI Education Innovation initiative leverages technology to facilitate and enhance workplace learning for both trainers and trainees. Find out more in the article on 'Learning the Interactive Way'.

Learning the Interactive Way
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