Blended Learning

What is blended learning? As its name suggests, it involves a blend of more than one type of learning - the traditional model and an online model. Blended learning refers to a combination of online learning with traditional face-to-face learning in the classroom.

The goal for the near future is to introduce online components to complement formal classroom learning for most of our courses, where readings and quizzes are done anywhere at individual learners’ own pace, and in-class time is freed up for meaningful discussions and sharing with fellow adult educators and learners. This is because we understand that as full-time practitioners, application and experience sharing will come in handy than textbook theories. Blended learning would also allow our learners to prepare for classes beforehand and be ready to participate in class, which further contributes to their development.

For most of our learners, managing a full-time job in the social service sector is already a challenge, let alone adding education to the equation. Despite this, part of being a social worker or a therapist in the social service sector involves constant self-improvement, learning and development. To better serve the needs of their clients and to hone their expertise in their respective fields, our learners need to learn from professional trainers. Thus, SSI has embarked on blended learning to ensure more effective use of classroom time for deeper discussions with the adult educators and their peers.

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Value Proposition of Education Innovation What's in it for Learners
  • Learn on-the-go, as you have access to the learning anytime and anywhere
  • Learn at your own pace with unlimited access to the materials and discussions

  • Ask questions and engage in meaningful discussions before and after classroom sessions

SSI is moving towards digital, this means that...
  • Learners will receive online access to courseware instead of printed materials

  • Learners will complete an online course evaluation and receive an e-certificate too!