Education Innovation 2020


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Overview of Education Innovation

As part of this initiative, SSI is transforming learning in the social service and non-profit sector through the use of various new technologies.
This means that with the help of new technology, SSI will be undertaking a suite of changes to enrich the learning experience. This includes equipping classrooms with smart-technology facilities and introducing blended learning, which is merging the traditional method with new online methods of learning.

SSI will be progressively converting our courses to incorporate an online component with quizzes and readings to be completed before classes. This frees up in-class time so that learners can have in-depth discussions with our Adult Educators and their peers during classes. This helps to foster a stronger collaboration among Social Service Agencies and facilitate the sharing of information and resources among our learners.

Education Innovation logo
About the EI Logo
The white wavy line represents the flow of creative ideas, parallel to the movement of resilient waves. Uninhibited and bold, the energetic white wavy line stands out in stark contrast against the red circle, depicting its propensity to innovate and invigorate.
The glowing yellow dot conveys the idea of spreading innovation and sharing it with the community. The deep red of the circle represents the intense energy and passion behind the drive for pushing boundaries and challenging limits. Its contour signifies an infinite path towards innovation.