CoP Mental Health

Who we are

The CoP Mental Health is made up of a group of individuals and organisations focussed on providing quality mental health services through shared insights, experiences and best practices.  

What we do

Through our quarterly meetings, we aspire to rally the mental health community to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and retain staff in the social service sector. We also seek to raise standards across the industry and improve client care. As a common platform for those in the mental health sector, we connect mental health professionals so they can share concerns, exchange views and explore collaboration.

Our focus areas

  1. We seek to develop knowledge and resources related to mental health so organisations and individuals can deliver better care to their clients.
  2. We spur the exchange of ideas, expertise and experiences across the mental health sector so that the community may learn from one another and adopt best practices.
  3. We encourage creative collaboration to optimise the strengths and resources of organisations and individuals to ultimately deliver the best possible care to clients.
  4. We elicit support from key stakeholders to promote the CoP Mental Health’s agenda to:
    • better understand the challenges faced by those with mental illness;
    • extend vital resources to organisations/individuals working in the mental health sectors; and 
    • galvanise the community to help restore the lives of clients with mental illness.

What we aim to achieve

  • Provide assistance to those facing mental health challenges
  • Enhance access to expertise
  • Encourage knowledge sharing
  • Facilitate problem solving
The CoP Mental Health provides members with a platform to identify and address gaps in the mental health sector. Members are invited to discuss their challenges and share their knowledge based on their experiences. The CoP Mental Health has also launched a Mental Health Resource Kit to aid the mental health community in better serving clients with mental health conditions.

  • Enhance personal development
  • Increase collaborative advantage
  • Retain talent
Through our initiatives, we hope to enhance personal development and increase collaborative advantage among mental health professionals. By providing support to our members, we increase the retention of talent in the industry so as to continue to serve the needy.

Mental Health Resource Kit

Since 2013, our CoP members have successfully developed resources such as the Mental Health Resource Kit. SSI strongly believes that CoPs will help in sharpening skills, sharing great ideas and developing useful resources to benefit the sector as a whole.