Tote Board-SSI: Global Leader Series for Non-Profits


26 September 2017 • 8:30am - 5:30pm • Raffles Town Club

Tote Board – SSI: Global Leader Series for Non-Profits (GLS) is the signature conference series for the non-profit sector in Singapore. Jointly organised by the Social Service Institute and Tote board, we gather non-profit thought leaders and experts from around the world to offer research-based best practices and knowledge sharing to participants. Together, we explore, collaborate and discover new ways to address current dynamic challenges faced by non-profit community today. With 12 conference events over three years on leadership and social capital related-themes; 4 conference events on leadership series and 9 on social capital series. Participants will hear global perspectives and learn best practices on highly relevant themes through charismatic keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions and Master Class. In addition, it is a great platform for networking opportunities and possible collaborations amongst the community.

Leadership Series:
Each conference on leadership series will revolve around real challenges faced by the non-profit leaders on sustainability and growth of non-profits; leadership and boards issues, talent development and retention, strategic succession planning and leadership renewal. The full-day leadership conference is designed to have a follow-up half-day Master Class, gear towards non-profit professionals to enhance their learning from conference.

Social Capital Series:
Each conference on social capital series will explore emerging trends in the local and international non-profit landscape; social innovation and entrepreneurship, social finance, cross-sector collaboration, social impact and evaluations. The half-day social capital conference is tied with a half-day Master Class, tailored for non-profit professionals to inspire them to think creatively and do things in a different way after attending the conference.
SOCIAL CAPITAL SERIES: 26 September 2017
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What is Social Value?
An easy question for an observer to pose depending on your perspective, the answers can look very different. For example, what has been the value of social impact initiatives in Asia of the billions of dollars that have poured into the sector over the last decade?

As a Social Purpose Entity (SPE1) being able to respond to the question “What is your Social Impact?” has become a fundamental requirement. However, the answer cannot be “It depends on what area you are asking about?” SPEs need to be able to articulate a response that satisfies all their stakeholders.

Jeremy Nicholls is the CEO of Social Value International, the largest global network of social impact practitioners with 19 country chapters. The Social Value Framework that Jeremy and his team have created has already helped thousands of SPEs across the world to untangle these questions and provide the structure for the best response.

This Master Class is unique in its set up, as you will be seated in a banquet setting. This seating is optimum for an interactive and engaging session with hands-on group exercises, sharing of real life examples and case studies. Jeremy and 8 Masterclass facilitators from the sector will walk you through the Social Value Framework as part of the Master Class session.

You will leave with tangible takeaways on the social value framework in addition to how you can map your grassroots activities towards higher order outcomes.

Intended Objectives:
  • Best practices and knowledge sharing from a global speaker and experts on the social value framework
  • Equip participants with tools and skillsets to articulate their social value to their stakeholders in Singapore
  • Catalyse and inspire the participants to innovate and solve challenges to create high impact for the causes and stakeholders they serve with a Master Class
  • Guide participants to apply social value concepts with examples from around the world
1Social Purpose Entities refers to social service organisations (SSOrgs), social enterprises and non-profits.