Course Delivery

How are the courses conducted? 

Most of our courses are held at the Social Service Institute. As part of the curriculum design, there will also be an assessment component, which may be conducted through methods such as written assessments, presentations or oral interviews etc. 

Education Innovation (EI) 2020 Initiative
As part of Social Service Institute (SSI)’s EI 2020 initiative and move towards blended learning, the following will be implemented for this course:
Course Materials

Course materials are available for download from LearningCloud.  You are advised to access and review the course materials at least one (1) week before the course start date. This will help you to prepare for the classroom session.

You are also advised to bring along an electronic device (such as a laptop or tablet) for the classroom session to access the online materials easily. No printed course materials will be provided.
Important: You are not allowed to replicate and circulate course materials without permission from SSI.

Do you offer group bookings for organisations?

We offer customised training courses for group bookings with a minimum of 15 learners.  For more information, please click here for more details.

Note: There is no VCF pre-approved training grant for the customised training session for organisations.  Eligible social service organisations or non-profit organisations can apply directly to VCF for funding, and will need to pay full course fees to SSI.